PS3 Emulator PS3Mobi

One of the highest searched software of our database is the PS3 Emulator called “PS3Mobi“. Because Sony PlayStation 3 console has hundreds of its exclusive released games, it’s not even strange why people desire it so badly.

Got its popularity few years back when PS4 was just announced by Sony to get released soon. PS3’s popularity was at its highest peak. Gaming forums all around the internet was bloating of all kind of related topics for this console. At same time, one small team of developers got an idea to build a software which can help PC gamers to get their chance to play PlayStation 3’s titles on their desktop machines with Windows operating systems. Because at first stage of its release, PS3Mobi was only supported for Microsoft Windows OS, and half a year later Mac version was born too.

Today PS3Mobi is available as smartphone app too, supporting Android (.APK) and Apple iOS devices.

PS3 Emulator - PS3Mobi


Get your copy from PS3Mobi official website.

Newest features in its latest release brings many innovative gaming experiences for all types of players.
The most valued option is an automatic optimizing graphic quality depending on what device the PS3Mobi is installed on. This means if you have some older mobile phone, let’s say an iPhone 6, the GFX quality will be a little lower then compared to iPhone 8 version. Because obviously a newer device has stronger hardware specs to be able to provide more high quality graphics. It’s same with Android phones and desktop computers too.
Users don’t have to bother anymore to waste like half an hour inside settings to get their emulator works properly. All you have to do is check the “Automatic adapt” box inside the main settings window and this emulator will do all of remaining job by itself.

If this is your first time discovering this type of software and you don’t exactly know what an emulator is, check out this guide from Wikipedia to teach yourself more into this.