File Sharing: Games, Applications, Emulators, Media is a site for re-sharing various files from the internet. With options of uploading and sharing your download link for users who consider it useful they can download files either for free but with time limit or they can buy premium account where they have an option of downloading with full speed.

upload-download filesUpdate: Today we need to inform you a really bad news. Unfortunately because of massive reports for hosting copyrighted content we are forced to shout down our file-sharing service. While our domain name and website will still be alive and up, our servers with all uploaded files are now deleted. It’s sad but we must keep ourselves because we don’t want to finish like it happened to MegaUpload’s owners a three years ago when US government shouted down their site, arrested owners and sent them to jail.

From now on we can only remember good times of cooperating with RapidShareFilez’s service. We as their owners have to thank you for all these years trusting and staying with us. It gave us great feel and experience to continue to work in this field and hope in a future we will make similar company and service to this one.

Files and database we hosted at our servers

Most percentage of files were programs and applications, such as antivirus tools, various windows programs installers, music players and files like these.

Our database was very rich of these entertainment media files. People from all ages always likes to watch a good movie, so it’s not weird why these files took big place of our data space.

Games and gaming related software
Third place of most containing data files were games for all kind of platforms, such as PC games, console games, and also mobile and browser games of all kind and genre. Huge database or archive parts was never endless to delete. This took us really big time. And that’s not all! There ware as well big place of stored gaming related apps and addons like console emulators such as for example PS3 emulator PS3Mobi, made for Android, iOS, Windows PC, and tons of other ones of all kind. Other gaming stuff were cracks used for installing game, like PS4 jailbreak software (example), various kind of keygens and patches.

PS3Mobi - PS3 Emulator for Android, iOS, PC & Mac

Example of Video Games Copyright Infringement

One of most copyrights violations are happening in gaming world, when game “pirates” wants to copy certain video game in purpose of publishing it like it’s their own and make money this way. You can read more on this Wikipedia page.
However same thing happens when someone share some video game on sites like we used to have, so people can download it for free instead of buying it from their official producers.

What to do next

From now on you can use as your main file uploading and sharing site. It’s up for years and also one of most reputed websites of this kind of internet so you won’t have any problems with them. That’s our advice we can give you for right now. Take care and all best!

Exchange server files

We will not mention other files are these three sections are enough and taking almost whole part of our files database. It was really uncomfortable feel to delete all these stuff which was there for years. But we did what we had to. Now it’s time to move on. Once again we are very thankful for all of you who were our active users and regular visitors. Thank you for all these years!

– For those who’re interested to continue our past goals and legacy, hit us on and we’ll give you all backups from our database and hints to get successful with it again.